Everyone’s Crazy Except You and Me

Piggybacking off the bestselling success of Smith Magazine’s six word memoirs “Not Quite What I was Planning,” comes “Six Word Memoirs of Love and Heartbreak by Writers Famous and Obscure.”

From the LA Times, here’s a round-up:

I loved the idea of you. — Audrey Adu-Appiah

Tomorrow, maybe, I’ll sell the ring. — Matt Tanner

He posted our sex tape online. — Lauran Strait

Heartbroken, until the bitch finally died. — Christopher Moore

It hurts even worse in French. — Derek Pollard

I thought we had more time. —Joe Hill

He is married. I am not. — Hope Truhart

We’ll break up before this prints. — Porochista Khakpour

What once were two, are one. — George Saunders

Everyone’s crazy except you and me. — Mark Fraunfelder

Read regular people’s Six Word Memoirs on Love & Heartbreak or submit your own here.


One Response to “Everyone’s Crazy Except You and Me”

  1. Mark Sharp Says:

    The economy stinks. So what’s new?

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