Levi In the Nude

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Levi Johnson, Bristol Palin’s baby daddy, now says he’ll take it all off—for the right price.

“It depends on the money, man,” says Johnston, in an interview with Bravo’s Andy Cohen. “It’s gotta be right for that.”

Cohen goes on to suggest that Johnston has become somewhat of a “gay pin-up boy.”

“I think it’s great, man,” says Johnston. “Um, I just like my fans. Just another person.”


Banned in Bama

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Contrary to what some Alabamians might be wishing for, this has nothing to do with Obama.

But it does have to do with booze.

The state of Alabama’s ban on a bottle of wine that features a nude nymph on the label prompted a California wine maker to launch a “Banned in Bama” marketing campaign. And—big shock—visits to the company’s site have increased tenfold. From the Huff Po:

The Alabama Alcoholic Beverage Control Board recently told stores and restaurants to quit serving Cycles Gladiator wine because of the label. Board attorney Bob Martin said the stylized, art-nouveau rendition of a nude female with a flying bicycle violated Alabama rules against displaying “a person posed in an immoral or sensuous manner.”

Bill Leigon, president of Hahn Family Wines in Soledad, Calif., said Thursday that visits to the company’s Web site have increased tenfold since news of the ban broke late last week, and callers from across the country have been asking where they can buy the wine.

Because of the interest, he’s developing store displays that say “Banned in Bama” and “Taste What They Can’t Have in Alabama.”

Hahn said he will never miss the 500 cases sold annually in Alabama. “There is going to be a significant increase in our sales,” he predicted.

A Very Low Tolerance

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I have no idea what Obama’s beer summit has to do with drunk driving, but it certainly pissed off one MADD representative.  From The Hill:

Nancy Raynor, the President of the Delaware chapter of MADD, told radio station WDEL this weekend that the beer summit may send an inappropriate signal to young people.

“It’s a well known fact that young people tend to mimic the actions they see of the adults,” Raynor said.

Now, the alcohol lobby is firing back, accusing MADD of promoting an unreasonably broad, anti-alcohol position.

The American Beverage Institute (ABI), a trade group that represents the restaurant industry, fired off a press release accusing MADD of taking an unreasonably broad, anti-alcohol stance.

“MADD’s position on the ‘Beer Summit’ should remind Americans that the group once dedicated to preventing drunk driving has transitioned into leading the anti-alcohol movement,” said Sarah Longwell, Managing Director of ABI.

“MADD should return to its original mission of stopping drunk driving,” Longwell added. “The more time and resources the group spends pushing an anti-alcohol agenda, the more irrelevant it becomes.”

“He’s Giving It Away Like Bristol Palin”

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I first mentioned the Young Cons back in May. Here’s a little update:

He He Ha Ha

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My favorite is the blowing scene:

“What Is With This Girl?”

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That’s a direct quote from my little brother, who happened to watch this video with me.

And, although I’ve been known to defend Meghan from time to time—as she’s a fascinating soul—I have to agree with my bro on this one:

First Pitch

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On July 14, President Obama will become the fourth president to throw out the first pitch at the Major League Baseball All-Star Game.

He’ll join John F. Kennedy (1962), Richard Nixon (’70) and Gerald Ford (’76 and ’78).